BrownoutWest of Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque sandstorm sketch by Chandler O'Leary

At the time of this posting, I’ll be away on a new sketching adventure (for clues as to where, check out the Facebook page—or you can wait until I post a few sketches here in two weeks!). At this time of year, my destination is known for unpredictable weather that can be all over the map. I’m just crossing my fingers that it won’t be quite so crazy as the day I drove across New Mexico in a freaking sandstorm. Just sayin’.

What’s the craziest weather you’ve ever encountered on your travels? (I’m hoping that by sharing stories online, the weather gods will be distracted from dishing it out on me during my trip…) For you fellow sketchers out there, what’s the worst weather you’ve ever sketched in?

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  1. Petra

    Oh, I love NM… can’t wait what you’re up to next.

    As far as evil weather while traveling goes: I had my fair share of hurricanes and tropical storms while on the road. But I had one particular sand storm in the desert of India – while riding a camel – that scared the heck out of me…

    Be safe.

  2. Kate B

    I once drove through a tornado on the freeway in Flint, MI! I was listening to the weather as I drove and they gave the location of th tornado, which was exactly where I was. Didn’t see or hear the funnel, just a lot of wind and heavy rain.

  3. Judy Breedlove

    Love this sketch. I live in New Mexico. Up behind those beautiful mountains that you couldn’t see because of the sandstorm (the Sandias – means watermelon because of the color of the mountains at sunset). My little “city” is called Cedar Crest. While sitting on my patio right outside my fitness center, I tried to sketch the beautiful clouds that New Mexico is so famous for (ending a sentence with a preposition). All of a sudden my beautiful clouds became very dark and the wind started howling, sending my sketchbook, pencils and travel watercolor set flying off the picnic table. That was the end of my sketching for the day….not too bad; but, discouraging.

    1. Chandler O'Leary Post author

      Oh, no! I suppose it’s an occupational hazard, but I’m sorry your supplies all went flying. On that same trip that we hit the sandstorm in Albuquerque, I was sketching outside while we were stopped for a picnic lunch in west Texas. A dust devil came up and hit us head-on while we sat there. Sand in absolutely everything—my paints, our eyes, our teeth, our jar of pickles, everything. It sent lunch flying, but I managed to hold onto my painting supplies—priorities!

      Hope you’re enjoying your summer in NM—you live in one of my very favorite places!

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