Calligraphic cobblestonesRoche Harbor, San Juan Island, WA

San Juan Island bricks sketch by Chandler O'Leary

Roche Harbor is a hidden little pocket on San Juan Island, with impeccably preserved turn-of-the-century buildings, picturesque lime kiln ruins, a pristine saltwater inlet, and wharf buildings that hearken back to some (perhaps slightly revisionist) halcyon era gone by. Yet I had to force myself to even look at those things, let alone sketch them—because I would have been perfectly content to spend all day staring down at my feet.

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    1. Chandler O'Leary Post author

      Wow, you’re right, Marialena! That name jumped out at me, too, but because it’s shared by a Canadian painter I’ve always admired, and it seemed to fit that I was also painting. (The painter in question was from nearby Victoria, BC, so maybe the bricks were made by a family company? More clues!)

      1. Marialena

        Emily Carr? People delighted in educating me about her when I lived on the opposite Canadian coast years ago. Lovely work. Clues everywhere… And they fit different mysteries for each discoverer.


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