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Portland pig-outPortland, OR

Lardo sketch by Chandler O'Leary

Portland is absolutely chock-a-block with edible kitsch. This is the city that’s home to the neon pink doughnut shop filled with naughty puns, coffin-shaped party boxes and velvet Kenny Rogers paintings. The artisanal salumeria that made a tongue-in-cheek cameo on Portlandia. The coronary-inducing but oh-so-delicious pork-sandwich lunch counter, appropriately (or prophetically) named Lardo. The trouble… More

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Deerest loveWhite Stag sign, Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon sign sketch by Chandler O'Leary

The White Stag sign is the jewel in the Northwest’s neon crown. By day it frames patches of the Portland skyline; by night it’s a diamond-bright beacon of riotous flashing color. And in the holiday season, the stag masquerades as a certain reindeer we all know. I think this just might be my favorite thing… More

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Miracle MileHighway 99, Redding, CA

Motel signs sketch by Chandler O'Leary

More vintage goodness along Highway 99: sunny Redding, California is filled to the brim with old neon signs. On this day I was road tripping with a fellow travel blogger, my friend Mary-Alice (and her pup Chloe). The girls were remarkably patient with me while I insisted on stopping every thirty seconds to sketch more… More

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Fresh as a daisyDaffodil Motel, Milton, WA

Daffodil Motel sketch by Chandler O'Leary

This is one of my favorite signs on Highway 99—the old backbone of the West Coast. Everyone has heard of Route 66, of course, but the Old Pacific Highway is also full of aging neon and other vintage gems, from Canada to Mexico. The Daffodil Motel sign has a special place in my heart because… More

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SpeechlessTwo Rivers, WI

Sign sketch by Chandler O'Leary

There really are no words for this one—except that ever since I saw this sign, I’ve found ways to work in the term “ho-made” to as many things as possible. Comedic gold. As an aside, I didn’t sketch it, but just a few blocks away is a bait shop that sells wine and spirits. Read… More

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Desert oasisHotel El Capitan, Van Horn, TX

Texas hotel sketch by Chandler O'Leary

This place really felt like an oasis, after driving for over sixteen hours—the last three in a raging West-Texas lightning storm—to get here. When the Tailor and I pulled in after one in the morning (an interesting quirk about Van Horn, TX: it’s lies about one mile inside the Central time zone, so we lost… More

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