Galaxy GoldSpace Needle, Seattle, WA

Orange Space Needle sketch by Chandler O'Leary

Whenever people come to visit, I love to bring them to Kerry Park in Seattle for my favorite view of the Space Needle. And anyone who visited in 2012 got an extra treat: seeing the Needle all gussied up in bright colors.

Most people see the Needle in white, but it’s actually been painted many colors over the years, like “Re-Entry Red” and “Orbital Olive.” For its 50th anniversary last year, it was temporarily restored to “Galaxy Gold” (my favorite!). After that, it was painted green and bedecked with an artist-designed tree motif to celebrate the Pacific Northwest.

It’s back to its usual “Astronaut White” now, but I’m still holding out hope of seeing a splash of orange return to the Seattle skyline.

Space Needle sketch by Chandler O'Leary

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  1. Mandy

    Kerry Park is awesome – I also recommend the Ward Pump Park (4th and Ward) it’s tiny but it has an unbelievable view.
    There’s a bench on the South side of the pump house, if the weather is fine it’s perfect for viewing downtown and maybe drinking wine from plastic cups (that’s just science).

  2. GrampaCharlie

    Ha ha – plastic cups for stealth imbibing. Thanks for the Ward Pump Park tip. I need to buy this print for my son who has managed to finally get his own apartment on Queen Anne. Can you imagine, $1600 bucks a month for a one bedroom. Sheesh, I sure miss Emmett Watson of lesser Seattle fame. My Space Needle story is my dad’s story. Terribly afraid of heights he was assigned to bid the glazing of the Space Needle while under construction. He had to ascend in the open cage maintenance elevator and then carefully make his way to the non-glazed perimeter to evaluate and develop his bid. I can only imagine what he had to overcome to be able to do that. Very nice print.

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