A-okayPillsbury A Mill, Minneapolis, MN

Pillsbury "A" Mill sketch by Chandler O'Leary

Speaking of plants with giant letters on them, this is another old favorite of mine. Like its rival across the Mississippi, this guy was a starring character of my daily commute. Since the “A” mill isn’t part of the museum complex on the other bank, I was always worried it would be torn down eventually. I heard recently, though, that the building is slated to become an enormous live-work artists’ complex, complete with preserved historic exteriors. So for now, at least, I’m breathing a sigh of relief—looks like this place is still A-okay.

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Comments (3)

  1. jen

    yay! it’s my fav building on that side of the river. i’ve heard the same rumor, so i hope that means it will live on!

  2. Amber

    The rumors are true. I live in the neighborhood and have been delighted to see the progress every day. Hooray!

  3. Marialena

    After some years working in Manhattan I am fascinated at how rooftops become an urban mountain range: water towers, overlapping buildings from different periods and in different materials. It leads to a harmony all its own and all the grater because it s not usually intentional. This sketch conveys that wonderfully. That the building has evolved from mill to artist live-work space make it even more meaningful. Awesome, as usual, Chandler!

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