The Best Coast: A Road Trip Atlas

"The Best Coast" book by Chandler O'Leary

My second book is here! This illustrated travel guide is a celebration of the West Coast’s historic highways—perfect for both the avid traveler and the armchair explorer. Chock-full of unusual facts, hidden history, and Americana, The Best Coast is an offbeat road trip guide that tells the story of the diversity and depth that created the West Coast we know and love today—both the ever-changing present and vestiges of the past for those who slow down to look. A labor of love more than two years in the making, The Best Coast: A Road Trip Atlas contains over 400 full-color illustrations inspired by my sketchbook drawings created on my many road trips up and down the coast, as well as 99 hand-drawn maps and hundreds of hand-drawn lettering vignettes and illustrated icons.

The Best Coast: A Road Trip Atlas (Illustrated Adventures Along the West Coast’s Historic Highways)
Published by Sasquatch Books
ISBN 978-1-63217-174-0
Paperback, 224 pages
Release date: April 9, 2019

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Want to order a signed copy to be shipped?

My amazing local bookstore, King’s Books, can ship a signed copy anywhere in the world! Simply place your order online (either in the previous link or by clicking the King’s logo above), and in the “order comments” box mention that you want a signed copy, and whether or not you want the book personalized to a specific name.

Looking to buy a signed copy directly from me?

I will also be stocking and selling signed copies of the book, but because I don’t really have the infrastructure to store huge quantities of books and ship them all over the place, I’ve made the decision to only sell books myself to local customers (either at local events or direct from my studio when folks can pick up their copy in person), and leave the long-distance orders to King’s Books. This has worked really well with my previous book, and it helps support both King’s and my own business! You can find a list of my upcoming events here, or if you’d like to contact me to arrange pick-up at my studio (available after April 9), you can find my contact info here.

Praise for The Best Coast and Drawn the Road Again:

The Best Coast may be the quirkiest, prettiest, and most enthusiastic guide/love letter to the coast we call home to ever land on our desks.”
—Powell’s Books Blog

“Not just an indispensable guide to the West Coast, this is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind love letter to some of my favorite places in the world.”
—Geraldine DeRuiter, founder of

“The Best Coast, Chandler O’Leary’s illustrated road trip atlas spanning San Diego, Calif., and Washington State, taps into a desire among vacationers to see America as it was before chain restaurants and frequent-flyer mileage homogenized and shrunk the landscape.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Nobody is clear on the exact ratio of picture-to-words worthiness—some estimates have it as high as 1:1000—but it’s hard to argue that your average travel writer could capture the essence of a place as well as Chandler O’Leary does with her . . . watercolor artwork.”
Fast Company

“O’Leary has a unique perspective on the sense of discovery in the journey as well as the destination.”
—Atlas Obscura

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