Heart of the city(Former) Hostess Cake factory, Seattle, WA

Hostess Cake factory sketch by Chandler O'Leary

I’m almost hesitant to include this sketch in my week of kitschy food posts, because I’m in the camp of folks who firmly believe that Twinkies aren’t food. Yet I love this building so much that I just couldn’t leave it out. The old Hostess Cake factory in Seattle has seen quite a few changes lately—and not just with the demise of the original company. That part of town is also home to a number of major construction projects, which are in the process of completely rearranging the entire neighborhood. Most recently, the building was bought out by the Franz bread company—so who knows what this corner will look like in six months? I walked by two weeks ago, and already the Hostess signs had been removed. The silhouette hearts are still there, though (for now). Here’s hoping they have many more heartbeats ahead of them.

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  1. Mylène

    Wouah! I’m just discovering your site! Marvelous! I love! Exactly my dreams! Travelling with a sketchbook!
    What an artist you are! I’m waiting for the next post !with impatience!!!

    1. Chandler O'Leary Post author

      Thanks, Stan! It really depends—I try to do as much as possible on site (for this post, the whole thing was done on site), but sometimes I need to add color or do other finishing work later. Whenever I can, though, I do the painting right there. Great to meet you a couple of weeks ago!

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