Just don’t ask for ketchupProvidence, RI

New York System Hot Weiner (or Wiener) Sandwich sketch by Chandler O'Leary

Rhode Island is not actually an island, but it sure feels like one sometimes—in fact, it’s kind of a (parallel!) universe unto itself. Only in Rhode Island would you find something called Coffee Syrup—you know, for your coffee milk. (Chocolate milk? Not a chance.) It’s the only place where you’d order a cabinet and not be talking about furniture. Where public buildings are installed with bubblers*, not drinking fountains. Where you’d never be caught dead eating a hot dog—not when you could have a hot wiener sandwich (which is not the same thing). And where the best place to order a hot wiener in New England is where they spell it “weiner,” at a place with “New York”in the name.

*Actually, you can find bubblers in Wisconsin, too, oddly enough. While you’re there, pick up some ho-made soup to complement your hot wiener sandwich.

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  1. Kurt Ankeny-Beauchamp

    Interestingly, the term “bubbler” has become common whereever the Bubbler brand water fountains were in wide use. I’m from Milwaukee, and we say bubbler, but when I moved to Gloucester, MA, it took a few times of me slipping and no one raising an eyebrow about it to realize that they were a “bubbler” zone too! I imagine you’ll find the “bubbler” nomenclature wherever Bubbler got a school contract…

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