The tail wagging the dogAlbuquerque, NM

Route 66 sketch by Chandler O'Leary

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Those of you who are fans of the show Breaking Bad will recognize Fido here, but you might not know that this beauty has graced Route 66 for over half a century. But while the place is notable both for its television fame and the fact that you can get red or green New Mexico chili sauce on your dog, I was there purely for the neon.

For almost all of our Route 66 trip, I had to content myself with seeing most of the Mother Road’s neon during daylight hours only. But luckily for me, we stayed with friends in Albuquerque that night. I told them I was dying to see the Dog House at night, so after dinner we all made the trek back down to Central Avenue together.

Route 66 sketch by Chandler O'Leary

I couldn’t decide which stage of the neon motion to sketch, so I drew them all. And that led me to an idea I’d never tried before…

Animated Route 66 sketch by Chandler O'Leary

…just a wee bit of sketchbook animation. I think I might have stumbled upon something I’ll keep doing again and again. After all, there’s an awful lot of animated neon out there!

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  1. Carl

    Fantastic! There is a neon you’d love in Victoria Texas. It’s The Corral restaurant. There is a kneeling indian on the sign by the road who shoots a flaming arrow through the air and onto the rooftop where a fire erupts.

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