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  1. Chris

    I agree! That sign is one of the most indelible images from the first time I went to Seattle back in 1985 (to see KISS of course, duh).

    Another one is there used to be a restaurant right next to the Seattle Center called Wagner’s or Wilson’s or something like that that had a big W out front that spun. I was heartbroken a few years ago when I went there, expecting to feast, and it was no longer there. It was always overrun after concerts, but always worth the wait.

    1. Chandler O'Leary Post author

      Oh, man, that concert must have been epic!

      Every time I sketch one of these old signs, I can’t help but wonder how many are no longer around. I’m glad the elephant is such a huge tourist draw, because that goes a long way toward preserving it.

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